»I could look into
my eyes again.«


Addiction is a complex condition that undermines the ability to control one's own life effectively. If you lose control and no longer see your life sufficiently in line with your values, you can learn to regain control and undergo therapy at KOKON. Our treatment concept is based on acceptance and commitment therapy. That means you will not only acquire helpful strategies and tools for dealing with your addiction, but also have the opportunity to form an attitude that is characterised by mindfulness, acceptance and value-oriented action. This attitude is oriented towards long-term abstinence of drugs and alcohol. Our therapy usually spans 12 to 14 months..

Group therapy offers a forum for exchanging ideas with people who are in the same situation and are working toward the same goal.

Your individual therapist will guide you carefully and attentively throughout the therapeutic process. Your therapist will work with you in line with your values.

Medical treatment and social work complement your therapy.

We also offer both individual sessions and workshops for partners, relatives and friends, to enable those closest to you to support you in a helpful way and educate them about your condition.

These sessions and workshops, as well as the communal activities that accompany our therapy generate the support network that you need to overcome your addiction. It will help you to review your previous lifestyle, think about meaningful changes and begin to shape your life in a new and self-determined way.