»The greatest exemption is:
I no longer have to lie all the time.«

Am I addicted?

This questionnaire serves to develop an awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour surrounding your drug use. Your responses can provide a good starting point for discussions with friends, partners, and relatives or with your counsellor and therapist.

The questionnaire makes no claim to completeness or diagnostics of an addiction. The number of questions answered with ‘yes’ is a good basis for self-assessment of your condition and its consequences.

1. Have you ever taken more cocaine than planned?

2. Does your cocaine use affect your work?

3. Does your cocaine use cause conflict with your partner or family?

4. Do you feel depressed, guilty or ashamed of your cocaine use?

5. Do you take cocaine until there is none left?

6. Have you had any sinus or nosebleed problems due to cocaine use?

7. Do you sometimes wish that you had never taken the first line?

8. Do you have chest pain or increased/irregular heartbeat when you take cocaine?

9. Are you obsessed with getting cocaine if you do not have any?

10. Do you have financial difficulties because of your cocaine use?

11. Do you get excited when you know that you are about to take cocaine?

12. Do you have trouble falling asleep after taking cocaine without drinking alcohol or using other drugs?

13. Are you ever tempted to use cocaine when spending time with family?

14. Have you started taking drugs or drinking alone?

15. Do you sometimes feel like people are talking about you or watching you?

16. Are you taking larger amounts of drugs or alcohol because the feelings of intoxication have reduced over time?

17. Have you ever tried to stop using cocaine before?

18. Have any of your friends or relatives suggested that you have a drug problem?

19. Have you ever lied to your friends or relatives about how much or how often you take drugs?

20. Do you take drugs in your car, at work, on the toilet, on a plane or in other public places?

21. Do you fear that if you stop using cocaine or drinking alcohol that your energy, motivation, self-confidence or work output may suffer?

22. Do you spend time with people or in places that you would not normally bother with simply because there are drugs available?

23. Have you ever stolen drugs or money from friends or family?

Drug addiction is a serious condition, which can affect anyone. It is nothing to be ashamed about! Talk to someone about your problem or contact KOKON. A long journey always begins with the first step.