Who we are …

KOKON was founded in 1987 as a therapy centre for drug addicts. This heralded a new form of therapeutic help that enables people with an addiction find ways to experience a new, happy life without drugs while still maintaining their personal living environment.

The basic organizational principle of KOKON is the idea of the outpatient community.

„You can only do it alone, but you cannot do it alone.“

In our team of dedicated specialist therapists and doctors, we combine knowledge and experience on how to treat outpatients who have problems with cocaine and amphetamines as well as alcohol and new psychoactive substances. We treat people who are addicted to cannabis, opioids, alcohol, and other new incapacitating) psychoactive substances at KIBO. We always develop and modify our therapy standards according to the latest scientific findings in behaviour therapy, DBT, breathwork, MBSR, body therapy, and sports and Outdoor-therapy.

Hanspeter Eckert

Therapeutischer Leiter

Studium in Freiburg. Approbation als Psychologischer Psychotherapeut, Fortbildungen in DBT und ACT. Arbeitete als Therapeut in stationärer Drogentherapie und seit 1995 bei KOKON. Von 2002 bis 2016 leitete er KIBO, unsere Einrichtung in Kreuzberg.


Ines Jung


Diplom-Sozialarbeiterin und Suchttherapeutin. Sie berät in verschiedenen Lebenslagen und ermöglicht den guten Einstieg in die Rehabilitation.


Katrin Müffelmann

Leiterin Verwaltung