»Now sometimes I dare
to go into a conflict.«

Phases of Treatment

Phase 1

In the first phase of treatment, the focus is on both individual therapy as well as learning about the complex interrelations that form the basis of your condition in a group setting. Here you will have the opportunity to speak about the effects of addiction on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You will learn basic strategies to help you cope with cravings.

"It’s easy to quit. I’ve done it a thousand times ..."
Mark Twain

The main points of focus during individual sessions will be on developing your personal goals and building resilience for when you have doubts about your motivation to abstain from drugs. In order to support your recovery process effectively, you will hold joint discussions with partners/relatives or other important people in your life, who can support your recovery in a meaningful way. Experience shows that it helps to involve those you care about most in the redesign of your life.

Phase 2

The second phase of therapy will focus on consolidating the stability you have built and maintaining it over a longer period. Through thoughtfulness about one's own life and attentive perception of everyday life, previously hidden patterns become noticeable, that trigger unpleasant feelings and cravings for drugs. By recognizing these triggers early on and with the help of suitable techniques, you will learn to control them effectively and thus regain self-determined control over important parts of your life.

Phase 3

In the third phase of therapy, your personal lifestyle will be the focal point. We will particularly concentrate on the lifestyle elements that encourage you to use drugs over the longer term and ways that you can develop a full and balanced life. We will take a closer look at your approaches to dealing with both yourself and others, and difficulties that could affect your own levels of satisfaction.

In this phase, you consolidate the changes that you have facilitated in the course of your therapy. You will create a fulfilling vision of your future - a future in which it is worth refraining from drugs long term. The therapy focuses on building a future in which realistic and positive life goals will keep you on course even in rough seas. A new "vision" will replace the old drug dreams, a worthwhile and meaningful goal that gives your life strength and confidence....

"I have a dream ..."
Martin Luther King