»I have to keep my head to be creative.«


Your therapy program includes...

• Individual therapy
• Group therapy
• Various therapeutic activities
• Drug screenings

Our program is suitable for you if you...

• want to live without drugs
• have a stable living situation
• have drug-free social relationships
• are over 18 years of age


You can apply for the reimbursement of therapy costs at your drug counselling service. Your pension insurance (Rentenversicherung) or health insurance company (Krankenversicherung) will cover the costs.


KOKON specializes in treating people with an addiction to cocaine, amphetamines, crystal meth and other stimulants. The treatment is a multi-level, intensive training program, which will help you deal with your addiction. It offers you orientation, stabilization and information about the biological and psychosocial basis of your addiction. KOKON creates a learning-intensive environment in which you can understand your vulnerabilities related to addiction..

The goal is to rediscover your skills and abilities cope with your dependency on drugs and regain control of your life. We believe that you will bring a variety of life experiences, skills and wisdom into therapy that will help you achieve a happy life without drugs.