»I want to talk again«

When therapy ends…

When therapy ends, dealing with your addiction does not end. Of course, you can contact KOKON again whenever you are in a crisis or in need of support. We also offer a range of options to get further support after completing therapy - even if you have started therapy somewhere else.

Follow-up care as a time-limited individual therapy
Here you can talk about personal problems that hinder you from leading a satisfying, drug-free life.

The Follow-up group
Our follow-up groups function as a place for personal encounters. They offer the opportunity for intensive exchange and mutual support with other people in the same situation. We would be happy to place you in one of our follow-up groups.

If you have a relapse after successfully completing drug therapy and you are unable to return to a drug-free life without therapeutic help, we can offer you help.

Stabilisation and consolidation treatment
If you reach a personal crisis that seriously jeopardizes your abstinence from drugs, we can offer you help.